Being Susceptible To Body-Shaming And What You Can Do


The COVID-19 pandemic quickly ushered us to the new normal. Through working from home, parenting from home, teaching from home, and worshipping from home everything is from home. As part of the new normal, we found ourselves being consumed by a lot of media. It feels like we have bombarded by a lot of “how to lose weight while at home”, “we will give you the body you always wanted in 30 days” ads, and “eat this and not that” articles. Perhaps you also have seen:

  • COVID-19 memes about weight gain, calling it the COVID-19 gain
  • Ads marketing various fitness apps for free during the pandemic
  • Commercials for weight loss systems

Everyone is facing the pandemic and most of us are struggling with the uncertainty and the feeling we have about having no control over our lives. 

Tips On What You Can Do To Not Become Susceptible Of Body-Shaming

  1. Be mindful of the information you are consuming

Watch out for information that suggests this is the best time to try diet and indoor exercises. 

2. Honor your hunger 

Eat something if you are hungry not too much and not too little.

3. Practice body compassion and acceptance

Certainly, we are facing lots of stress during the pandemic. We don’t want to have extra stress by distressing about our weight. Be kind to your body and recognize that health comes in any and every size. Know well that we may not always feel fine about our body but through the lens we see ourselves, we can still choose to be okay. Always check your lens. If you see you’re comparing yourself to others, you will lose. Step into consideration and compassion and affirm yourself and your body.

4. Dress for comfort and joy 

Do not wait until you lose weight to wear the clothing you want to. Wear clothes that you enjoy and you are comfortable.

5. Move your body

Go for a walk or hike to be out in nature if possible. Turn the music up loud and have a dance party with those people around you in your home. Do not exercise under the notion that you have to, but do it because you want to.

6. Practice gratitude 

Our body is so much more about its shape, appearance, and size. Be grateful that you can still move you have a brain to think, eyes to see, and ears to hear. Practicing gratitude can change the way we think and feel. It places less emphasis on how we look and more on appreciation for all we can do and experience in our bodies. 

Over the last few months, there have been circling the internet some meme jokes about coronavirus pandemic weight gain. The meme joke may offer a laugh but they are embedded in shaming and perpetuate an idea of fatphobia. This COVID-19 crisis will end, but your relationship with your body will last for your entire life. Hence, you can take this opportunity to nurture yourself and care for your mind and body. Step into the freedom that you can affirm and accept your body.