Dry Skin Relief From COVID-19 Handwashing

Dry Skin Relief From COVID-19 Handwashing

Almost all the people are upping up their handwashing now as it is one of the main preventive measures given by health officials. Handwashing has become now part of almost everyone’s routine each day. Here are some recommendations to relieve your skin from getting dry:

  • Use lukewarm water when washing your hands: For at least 20 seconds, use soap and wash each portion of your hands including between fingers and nails.
  • Use a clean towel to dry your hands: When drying your hands with a towel, don’t dry them leave some water on them. You can also let your hands air dry. Apply your ointment or hand cream while your hands are slightly humid.
  • Hand cream and ointment: Make sure you are using moisturizers and ointment that is recommended by dermatologists. Use moisturizers and ointment that contains petrolatum or mineral oil, fragrance-free and dye-free, and comes in a tube rather than a pump bottle.
  • When using hand sanitizer: Apply right away moisturizers and ointment after the hand sanitizer dries.
  • A trustworthy source: Get your health information from a trustworthy source. When it comes to health information, it is essential to get accurate information.

Why Is Handwashing Harsh On The Skin?

The outermost layer of our skin consists of wax and oils. It acts as a shield from the outside and a guard that keeps natural moisture in the skin. It is a natural barrier that is broken down by the suds created by soap while washing your hands. Not applying hand cream might lead to flaking, dryness, and cracks in the skin.

Is There Another Treatment Besides Hand Cream?

Before you go to your bed at nighttime, put on a bushy moisturizer, and to increase absorption, you can cover it with gloves that are cotton texture. You may also consider a humidifier at night. This raises the humidity level in a room which can help dry skin.

Importance Of Washing Your Hands Amid Pandemic

We may not have a coronavirus vaccine yet, but we can have one powerful combo that can help stop the spread of the virus. This combo is soap and water which many of us already have access to.

It derives down to interaction. The virus itself if is made up of genetic material that is wrapped in a fatty coating. The molecule of the soap can interrupt this lipid membrane which causes it to fall apart. The spike proteins of the virus which usually assist it to invade human cells are gone into the close environment adapting the virus inactive. When you rinse your hands these are then washed away with the fragments of the virus enveloped by the soap molecules. The physical exploit of rubbing your hands could as well help to remove viral particles. It is the reason why there has been so much importance on how long and how we wash our hands. It doesn’t matter how good your soap is if you don’t rub in it carefully enough.