Global Pandemic: Dealing with Depression

Living in a pandemic time where there are lots of uncertainties makes everything a whole lot harder. Mental health professionals agree that this is a rough time for those with mental illness. 


  • Permit yourself to grieve

Many people are grieving now not about losing a loved one but losing their jobs, an active lifestyle, or social events. Allow yourself to feel this sadness and give space for yourself to process it. Always remember that you don’t need to minimize what you’re feeling. 

  • Don’t give in to social isolation 

You may be physically isolated from people but that doesn’t mean you can’t speak to anybody anymore from the outside world. You can still stay connected with them through texts, phone calls, or video calls. It can de hard at times for depression sufferers to commit to plans. However, this time of pandemic is the best opportunity to challenge those negative thoughts. 

  • Limit social media usage 

With much of the free time we have on our hands, it can be extremely tempting to spend so much time scrolling through social media. Conversely, using social media too much can be bad for our self-esteem and mental wellbeing. Social media these days is flooded with tons of negativity and stressful information and news. So, instead of socializing on social media, you can use your time having a meaningful conversation with your friends or relatives through video calls or chats. 

  • Identify your support network

Except for your partner, friends, or family, identify a few who are extra worthy and understanding. You should choose people who can make you feel safe. Make sure to reach out to them especially in moments of vulnerability where you most needed them. 

  • Have some sort of routine

People who are first time working from home or freshly unemployed are struggling with a loss of routine. Routine can be beneficial to those with depression and for those who spend so much time at home. It is recommended to make an effort to make your breakfast, do some movement, and do some meditation. These actions can go a long way between feeling overwhelmed or disheveled. 

  • Exercise

Physical activity is great for your mental health in case you forgot. It has been proven that exercise can be beneficial for anxiety and depression. Doing some exercise helps release good hormones and lowers stress hormones. It can also act as a great way to blow off steam if you are feeling aggressive. You can start small and work your way up. Since you can’t go out, you can have your online live streams or any available videos online. 

  • Continue treatment from a mental health professional 

If you have your medications, continue taking them. Make sure to keep up with your treatment regimen. Almost all health professionals have moved their practices online to video calls. You can also search for some therapists near you or recommended by a friend. If you are taking medicines, make sure that you get refills on time. Also, always make sure you have your supply of medications