1. Which Foods Can Help To Keep My Heart Healthy?

Now more than ever it is very important to keep your heart healthy as possible. A great starting point is eating nutritious food. You can follow this heart-healthy eating pattern;

  • Instead of adding salt, use spices and herbs to flavor foods
  • Healthy fat choices with olives, avocados, seeds, nuts, and their oils for cooking.
  • Plenty of whole grains, fruits, and vegetables
  • A variety of healthy protein sources, especially fish and seafood. A small number of eggs can also be included in a heart-healthy diet.
  • It is also very important to remain hydrated so make sure to drink plenty of water
  • Unflavoured cheese, yogurt, and milk. Those with high blood cholesterol must choose reduced-fat varieties

2. What Are Some Of The Food Items I Can Stock Up On?

It is sensible to stock up on a new few extra food staples. However, it is important to remember that there is no need to hoard foods. You can make a list of the stocks or items you may need for the meals. It will also help you lessen your time at the store. Some of the healthy items you can add up to your list are;

  • Dried spices and herbs
  • Unsalted seeds, nuts, and nut kinds of butter
  • Unflavoured long-life milk
  • Canned or frozen vegetables with no added salt
  • Oats, rice, and pasta
  • Canned fish including sardines, salmon, and tuna
  • Canned or dried legumes

3. What Can I Do With All The Basic Ingredients I Have Stocked Up?

It is a new opportunity on having a lot of time at home during this time. With all your basic ingredients, you can use them to learn or try cooking something new. If you don’t have that much time, you don’t have to worry because there are lots of healthy meals that can be made easily and quickly. You may find solutions online and there are various easy recipes available.

4. What Are Some Other Tips For Eating Healthy During Outbreak?

It is an extra challenge for eating well if our normal routines are interrupted. Try to set a new routine for mealtimes, snacks, work, and play. Take some time to plan your meals for the week because it helps to limit the temptation to fall back on unhealthy options. Limit the number of unhealthy foods you have at home. An occasional treat is fine but having a large number of unhealthy foods can be hard to resist.

5. Are There Any Available Superfoods Or Supplements That Can Help Protect Me From The Coronavirus Disease?

There is no natural food product, no single food, and no supplement that will protect you from the disease. This includes alcoholic drinks.

6. Which Nutrition Advice Must I Follow If Have Heart Disease And COVID-19?

There is no supplement or certain foods you can take to avoid this disease. You must continue to eat a heart-healthy diet and follow any nutrition recommendations from your doctor or health professional. Keep eating regular meals, stay hydrated, and follow your heart-healthy eating pattern.