Healthy Habits After Pandemic


After a pandemic, we should make an extra effort to improve our nutrition and channel our fears. Now we know that a new reality is needed and that we must learn to live with it to enjoy a good quality of life and emotional well-being.

1. Establish A Schedule That Combines Exercise, Work, And Leisure

Your schedule is essential to manage your time well. There are lots of companies that have picked homeworking as a not dangerous way to avoid contamination and keep the job of their employees. If possible, you must create work slots that let you perform your job well and disrupt the routine with some physical activity. Create a very clear difference between lunchtime and work so that you can cut off during your lunch hour and offer yourself a break. Having a little minute each day to listen to music, meditate, or go for a walk is an interesting option for our stress management and emotional nourishment.

2. Be Careful With Your Diet

Anxiety could be a cause for impulsively eating unhealthy foods. This form of behavior calms us down but it hurts us in the long term. Always remember to add healthy foods to your list to avoid snacking or eating between meals. A good strategy might be to add nutritious snacks and preparing a weekly menu to make sure a proper diet with no room for improvisation.

3. Schedule Your Social Life

Limit of the movement has caused our social life to agonize and thus our emotional health. Technology makes it easier for us and it is highly suggested to call friends and family regularly to feel close to those we love.

4. Mental Health Is A Priority

The new normal has taken aback some of our beliefs and some of our plans. This state of uncertainty, family and financial difficulties, or social isolation can be very hard emotionally. It is good to be aware of our limits and ask for help. The main step is to recognize our emotions and make a space that lets us adjust when emotions become obvious themselves extremely and affect our well-being. Relaxation techniques such as mediation or yoga could be a great help for us.

5. Take Accurate Security Actions

We must be conscious of the importance of protection measures but we must avoid hyper-protective states that might freeze us. It might also make our lives hard or be completely useless.

6. Live With The Present In The Face Of Uncertainty

Being anxious about what will happen and the feeling of not having everything under control could affect us. It may as well cause us a lot of stress. Find a different and good approach that makes the most of you and enjoying today while not being too anxious about the next day. This doesn’t mean not trying to look for solutions it is about considering the prospect that this new reality is shifting. Also, you must be flexible and enjoy what is possible today.