Healthy Living While Quarantine

During quarantine, people are spending so much time at home. By following general healthy living advice such as having a balanced diet, being active physically, staying hydrated, having enough sleep, and stress management are the best way to stay healthy during the quarantine. 

Having a balanced diet 

There are no certain foods or supplements that will treat COVID-19. Consuming a balanced diet with plenty of vegetables and fruits is the best way to acquire all the essential nutrients we need. As quarantine may lead us to be less active, it is important to pay attention to the amount of food we take. It helps to keep our energy stability adjusted to meet our needs. 

Establish a routine on mindful eating 

Maintaining a normal daily routine can help manage some of the stress. One way to get rid of stress is to plan meals and sticking with regular mealtimes. This helps control hunger levels and meets our nutrient requirements. It allows us to get the most out of the food we have and decreasing food waste. During long periods of stress, we may find ourselves eating more than we need. Staying at home also may lead us to snack out of boredom. Having a routine of mindful eating can be a useful strategy to maintain a healthy relationship with food. Some tips on how to establish a routine of mindful eating:

  • Resist eating starting from the box. Serve your food and you’ll appreciate what and how much you are eating. 
  • Do not eat on the go. Have a seat.
  • While eating, remove distractions such as TV.
  • Take small bites and chew it well. Try to get 30 chew out of each bite.
  • Don’t try to finish the whole plate. Safely keep the leftovers if you feel full. 
  • Try to put your utensils down after each bite. Don’t pick it back until you swallow what you have in your mouth. 

Keep hydrated

Being hydrated is essential for overall health. For an uplifting boost, you may add some cuts of berries, mint, cucumber, or lemon. Other drinks such as unsweetened coffee or tea, or flavored water are also good choices for hydration. 

Safe food hygiene 

Make sure to wash your hands before and after handling food. Cover your mouth when you sneeze or cough with tissue and remember to wash your hands after. Wash also the vegetables and fruits before eating them. Keep raw and cooked food separate to avoid harmful microbes. Use also different utensils and chopping boards for raw and cooked foods. 

Stay active at home 

Physical activity or exercise benefits your mind and body. Here are some tips on how to stay physically active during quarantine:

  • Take regular breaks from sitting. You can stand up and do stretching or going for a quick walk if allowed. 
  • Plan time for physical activity each day. 
  • You can follow an online exercise class online. 
  • Think outside the box. Activities like dancing, cleaning the house, playing active videogames, or playing with your kids’ count as physical activity.