Healthy Routine For Seniors During Outbreak

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The outbreak has caused lots of unexpected disturbances in our daily lives especially for seniors that deal with isolation at home and social distancing. Their population continues to be one of the most susceptible to the coronavirus. The family members and their caregivers are making needed precautions for their loved ones who are already seniors. This COVID-19 outbreak gave us a new reality wherein it is still important to have normal routines especially for seniors.

These routines may be difficult for some but these are effective ways to maintain and enhance their well-being. With some changes in lifestyles, older adults can lessen their risks of being infected with the disease. Here are some tips you must encourage seniors in your life to follow as they adjust to a new healthy routine:

  • Getting Enough Sleep

This is essential for the overall health of seniors. They are becoming sleepless for different reasons. Make sure that they are getting at least 7 hours of sleep every night.

  • Eating Healthy Meals

Certain foods could do wonders for the overall health of the elderly. If they have medical conditions, their physician may recommend specialized diets. With your help or from a healthcare provider, your senior loved one can stick to a nutrition plan.

  • Being Active

It’s never too late to promote healthy aging for older adults. Regular exercise is a great way for them to stay active especially where social distancing is strictly observed. Caregivers could make sure that seniors stay active by helping them with low-impact exercises.

  • Avoid Being Dehydrated

Seniors lose water content in their bodies. This happens because of the aging process and might worsen some existing health conditions. Being dehydrated can also make more serious health problems. Lots of elderly might not understand the significance of water due to mental issues or lapses. A caregiver needs to play an important role in ensuring that the elderly consume sufficient water to keep healthy levels.

  • Up To Date With Medications

It’s important for seniors to strictly follow medication instructions from a doctor. Having a medication plan at home could give a proper daily routine for your senior loved one. This is very important especially if they have a very serious health condition.

  • Practicing A Safe Hygiene

Good hygiene lessens health risks for seniors. During this time of the outbreak, seniors must wash their hands more often for at least 20 seconds. If they need help with personal hygiene, their caregivers can assist them with grooming, dressing, and bathing.

  • Being Virtually Connected With Family And Friends

During social distancing or isolation, you can still see and talk with your elderly family members. Video chats or regular phone calls are events they may look forward to and appreciate. There are lots of creative ways for seniors to keep communicating and stay active while maintaining social distancing. Being connected with your family or loved ones even virtually are one of the most important things to do during these times of uncertainty.

Hopefully, some of these tips can help your senior loved ones and you establish a new normal that is safe, healthy, and beneficial.