How To Deal With Change?

How To Deal With Change

Change is the only constant thing in the world. Change can be difficult to deal with even when it is for the better. At this time, there are lots of changes due to the Coronavirus. Here are some things you can do to cope with some changes:

  1. Think 

People are often scared of change because they are afraid of the unknown. A great approach to deal with the unknown is to think about things carefully. Think of all the possible results and then choose what would be your worst- and best-case scenarios. Another strategy is to think about the last time you faced a big change and got through it. 

2. Ask yourself 

“How much you can control?” you may ask this yourself. When a big change happens, knowing how much control you have over the situation. Understanding your role and how much you can change can help you put things in perspective. You may have your to-do lists and it might help you to do the process easier. 

3. Accept 

Try taking a reflective approach if the undesirable change is out of your control. There is great peace of mind if you accept the fact that there are things that are beyond your control. View change as an opportunity to grow and learn. 

4. Celebrate with positives

Dealing with change might be a hard duty. When you focus on the positives, it can help you manage change. It’s worth seeking out positive aspects in a situation that might not be too obvious. Doesn’t matter how small it might be, still, it’s worth it. Try to make the best in every situation. 

5. Take action 

Take an active approach to deal with unwanted change. You may try problem-solving techniques or set some goals to proactively address any challenges. Some of the useful active strategies are asking for advice, focusing on the problems at hand, and developing a plan of action. 

6. Manage your stress 

Improving your capability to manage stress will go a long way to help you deal with change. Try to practice meditation or mindfulness. 

7. Seek support

If the change you’re facing is indeed a big thing, it’s normal to feel overwhelmed. If there are too many issues or happenings at the same time, it’s best to seek support. Consider asking family or friends asking for emotional support or for help. A phone call or chat online will help you feel connected to them. 

8. Give yourself a break

You may feel a little out of control in times of change. You may feel like you are not living up to your expectations. People make mistakes but learning from the mistakes really counts. If you made a mistake before the pandemic happened, this is the time that you do some reflection and how you may apply the things that you’ve learned from it. Mistakes make good stories for later. 

Coping strategies generally fall into two categories; control and escape. Most people use both to cope with change but control strategies are a generally healthier way to work through change. It also offers the greatest long-term benefits.