New Normal: How To Keep Learning During COVID-19 Outbreak

New Normal How To Keep Learning During COVID-19 Outbreak

The COVID-19 outbreak has made a lot of learners out of school. The attention of the government has turned to exactly how the students can keep their education even just at home.


  1. Maintain the connection among students 

For almost everybody, the school day has become a lot less structured with many students are given work to complete whenever they are able. Lots of teachers are setting a time to cope with this once a week for a live lesson. It is either in a smaller group or a full class. Video is a big help to help maintain the connection. The teachers can and will see how their students react to their learning and how well they are engaging with the lessons. It also helps the students maintain connections with each other, work together on projects, and allowing them to see their classmates in a formal situation. 

Providing feedback is a vital part of how teachers maintain and make connections with their class. Once the feedback is given remotely, it might be difficult to have a similar type of conversation as it would be in person. It can also be even more difficult to see if a student had understood the idea they are working on. 

2. Maintain the connection among fellow educators 

In different places, the teachers are given a range of tools to share lesson plans and ideas with their close colleagues and with teachers in other universities or schools. Indeed, this is a wide-ranging method to teamwork as industries team up to face the challenges together that will prove vital in this unprecedented time. 

Technology is only as good as its users. It’s imperative during this crisis that all teachers have access to the right tools and proper training to use the technology. Various institutions are running online training resources and online collaboration with younger teachers who are more at ease with the technology.

3. Learning for everyone

For a lot of people, this COVID-19 outbreak has highlighted the inequalities we face in the education system. Not every family has access to solutions or tools to learn away from the classroom. At this time, teamwork is essential. 

Where school closures are necessary, we can work together to lessen their impact on learners, educators, and families. It can also be a big help for those in marginalized groups who don’t have access to digital learning resources or lack support to learn on their own. Everyone can agree that we are facing an extraordinary challenge in the present and forthcoming weeks and months. By connecting the opportunities provided by the technology and by making sure that collaboration is prioritized, we can ensure that students all over the world are given the best chance to succeed. We have already seen that teachers are working hard to look after their students up until they can get back into classrooms again. Everyone can learn lessons from those who are already succeeding.