Fighting the disease at the frontlines amid this situation are doctors, health care workers, nurses, and even voluntary staff. Normal people are also taking care of themselves, their families, and loved ones. Working mothers are looking after their kids and working from home and others are looking after their older parents who are more susceptible to being infected. Also, those who are living alone should take care of themselves and practice a bit of self-care. 

Ways on Practicing Self-Care 

  • Exercise

If you are not in actual quarantine, you can go outside and have a walk or run while practicing physical or social distancing. There are a lot of free yoga classes online and some instructors are going online to stream their classes from home. 

  • Meditate 

This is a simple practice that can help lessen stress and increase clarity, calmness, and promotes happiness. Learning meditation is straightforward and the benefits of it come quickly. All you need to do is take a deep breath and have time to relax. 

  • Limit your time online 

Certain social medical accounts or feeds can give you anxiety and stress. Limit your time consuming these negative feeds that you see online. You can have at least an hour or two going online checking out for your friends or colleagues.  

  • Take a bath 

A relaxing bath is better with oils, bubbles, candles, salts, and face masks. Have time to relax in the shower. 

  • Think about what you are grateful for

You can write the things you are grateful for in a journal. You can do this once a day and keep it in a small jar or small box. At the end of the week or month, you can read each of the things you’ve written. 

  • Embrace a hobby 

Involve yourself in a hobby that you do for fun. You can also do something with your hands such as beading, crocheting, embroidery, or woodworking. If you are interested in these, you can research how to start and who knows maybe it will become your favorite thing to do. 

  • Cook and bake 

Cooking can be an act of self-care. A lot of stress is coming in and out of our life, mind, and environment even just by staying at home. This pandemic taught us many things. There are various recipes on the internet that you may follow and twist it with your spell. 

  • Do video therapy

During this highly anxious and isolated time for a lot of us, several therapists offer video-conferencing as an option for their patients. If you need one, you can look for some therapists and ask a friend who has contact with a therapist. 

  • De-clutter 

Organize your messy little drawer that is already begging for rearrangement. 

  • Hang-out with your pet

Play with your pet. Take them for a walk if you are not restricted from going out of the house. You can also teach them new tricks. 

  • Learn something new

Whatever you wanted to learn now is a perfect time. You have all your time staying at home doing nothing. You can Google these things you wanted to learn whether it is to learn coding or needlepoint. 

  • Remember that you are not alone

Humans usually need the community to be happy. You are not alone in this circumstance. A lot of people are suffering in different aspects because of the pandemic. You can connect with your family, friends, or loved ones through text or video calls.