Being active will help you stay mentally healthy and physically fit. Regular physical activity is a good way to help prevent and manage depression and mild anxiety. Exercise is great for physical health and has a positive effect on well-being. Being able to manage anxiety and depression is important during the pandemic. Some researchers have identified that being active can increase energy levels, help lift mood, distract people from daily worries, and helps block negative thoughts. The current recommendation is at least 30 minutes of having physical activity. Since some gyms and sporting clubs remain close, it is vital that people may exercise in whatever ways they can. 

Self-care is important especially in times of pandemic. It is a process that needs attention and effort every single day. It’s important to understand the value of self-care and it is achieved especially when access to your family and friends is limited. Self-care is not being selfish. Being selfish makes boundaries on the capacity to contribute to others while self-care develops it. You put yourself in a far better position to support others by focusing on your well-being. Wherein, this is as crucial as people come to grips with the impact of the coronavirus

Every person has their way of self-care or therapy on how to stay active, one of those is exercise. Be practical when it comes to looking after yourself because you can be easily swept up in the self-care movement. With restrictions on leaving home or social interactions, it can be tempting to indulge in ways that are still readily accessible such as online shopping, alcohol, and food. Try to strike an appropriate balance that will help you to maintain a physically and mentally healthy lifestyle. Everyone’s something is different. Do that ‘something’ for yourself as long as it has a positive contribution to your well-being, helps you recharge, and others well. 


  1. Start simple – with basic activities such as gardening, walking, or small household chores you may build your confidence. 
  2. Do what makes you happy – given the current situation, some people lose their interest and pleasure in doing things they once enjoyed. You can plan some activities that might be interesting, enjoyable, satisfying, and relaxing. 
  3. Invite other people – you need to stay connected with your family and friends at this tricky moment. If you are not together in one place, you make connections with them virtually. It helps increase well-being and confidence. 
  4. Make plans – plan a routine that will keep you be more active. Be flexible in every plan that you made. 

Additional things that you may add to your routine:

  • Socialize

Play with your pet and chitchat with your friends over the phone.

  • Pamper yourself

Read books and have a bubble bath.

  • Entertain yourself

Do a crossword or write an email or a letter. 

  • Keep fit

You may go for a walk and do some gardening. 

  • Around the house

You may listen to your favorite music and cook something new.