Lots of businesses globally are advising and in some cases requiring employees to work from home. It is to help stop the rise of coronavirus disease. Since the outbreak, the choice of work from home has occurred. A rising number of companies apply a new policy to stop the potential spreading of the infection at work. 

If you will be working from home, here are tips on how to make the process more productive and efficient:

  1. Set an alarm

in the morning, have a routine, and have time to take care of yourself. You can have your regular exercise, cooking your breakfast, or medication to get you focused within the day. 

2. Act like you are going to your work

Putting on make-up, fixing your hair, and getting dressed might include. Do things that give you the sense that you are not home with your pajamas. 

3. If you don’t have one, create a home office or workspace 

Make or have a dedicated work area that is free from any distractions or noise in your home. Make sure that your desk and chair are comfortable enough to use for multiple hours.

4. Stay in touch with one of your IT staff

You may ask your IT staff in advance about the things you still may need apart from a laptop or your computer. Check to see if you need a headset for video conferences, cords, and other equipment you may need at home. Find out from your IT on how to install software on your computer. Be sure to learn how to access key networks or instructions for remote login.

5. Connectivity 

To reach out to your colleagues, you may use digital tools. Consider as well scheduling group meetings by video conference and setting up group chats. If email messaging causes mux-u, you can have a phone conversation.

6. Childcare concerns 

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, there are lots of schools around the world that have closed. It means that while you are working at your home there are younger kids that might be around you. You may ask even one of your family members to assist you from watching your kids let you get much work done. If you have your spouse, you can have both turns on watching your kids and from working. Besides, you also ask others with experience working from home how they handle this set-up. 

7. Do not fall into the trap while isolation 

Work from home set-up might affect your mental health and somehow can be lonely. You can get over it by calling someone over video chat or phone call. Be nice to yourself. You can exercise as well to split up the day. Several firms provide online resilience training to help block the difficulty of working from home during the pandemic.

8. Establish working hours and stick to them 

A work from home format might lead to extended hours than what you usually work in the office. Wherein, it may limit your family and personal time. Manage your time and stick to it like you were at your office.